The Infrastructure

➤'First impression is the best impression'. The beauty of our school buildings is a cynosure to all eyes. These imposing structures with architectural grandeur and their rich splendour, are sure to stimulate conducive learning for all children.
The learning compatible campus is artistically designed and majestically constructed and has all facilities that one can expect in an ideal school.
➤ The classrooms are sophisticated, spacious and airy which make learning an interesting process.
➤ Ergonomically designed furniture adds glory by inspiring the mind and energizing the soul with an added freshness.
➤ Stationery items are made available in school stores at reasonable rates all the time.
➤ To facilitate the financial requirements of the parents and students, there is an ATM centre (KVB) in the school.
➤ A Posh Waiting Hall for visiting parents adds comfort.