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Being physically active and fit holds utmost importance especially among today’s younger generation who is busy enjoying the luxuries of mobile, laptop and TV at an alarming rate and aren’t active and spirited on a daily basis. Being physically fit doesn’t necessarily require a rigorous schedule of more out. We have made a schedule of regular day routines which will include health and fitness. When they take lunch kids are advised to take balanced and healthy food and rewards will be given to those who don’t bring junk foods. Regular playing and yoga activities are included. Sprouts are given as snacks. The positive vibes of health and fitness are given of children is all possible more..

Yoga Day Celebration 2019

The international day of Yoga has been celebrated on June 21. The practice of Yoga is something that has the power to lead your entire body. The daily practice of Yoga will surely bring some positive change physically and mentally. Children were educated about the importance of yoga and demos were shown.

Drawing competition

Drawing competition which was conducted on 15.06.2019 show cased the best artists of the school.

Reading Mania (29.06.2019)

Reading is the best way to exercise the brain. Reading everyday will change our vocabulary and writing skills. To update themselves and to kindle their brain, kids are motivated to read by celebrating reading mania.

Quiz (29.06.2019)

The Vice Principal of our school conducted the Quiz. The Quiz began with the introduction of the participants. Quiz had 4 rounds.  First Round - General round  Second Round - Audio round  Third Round - Visual round  Fourth Round - Rapid fire round Prizes were distributed by our correspondent. The Quiz ended with the National Anthem.

Van Mahotsav (06.07.2019)

Van Mahotsav is celebrated as a festival of life. The importance of afforestation was taught to children. In the name of Urbanization and globalization of cities, trees were considered as the major stumbling block. This declining number of trees has brought a major change in climate too. A colourful rally was organized and children learned the importance of plants by using pluck cards and banners to promote van Mahotsav. Saplings were planted in the school.

Hand writing Competition

Practice makes writing perfect. Calligraphy makes letters dance. Handwriting is a very important academic skill. To encourage children, to have a best handwriting, hand writing competition was conducted on 06.07.2019

Kamarajar Day (13.07.2019)

Kamarajar’s birthday was celebrated as Kalvi Valarchi Naal as announced by the state government, mass gathering was arranged and speech, songs, skit was performed by kids. Students learned the value of education by knowing his history.

Recalling memory

A quick and instant brain game. To check their memory power, the recalling memory game was conducted on 13.07.2019.

Spell Bee (13.07.2019):

Spell Bee prepares students not just for exams, but for their academic and career success. Credit goes to our team who conducted it in a grand manner.

Cultural fest:

A blend of joy and talent. To prove, our shining kids not only excelled in ‘Academics’ we had a grand cultural fest, to exhibit their art talent. It was held on 10.08.2019. Our blooming kids came up with a dazzling show.

Vinayagar Chathurthi celebrations (30.08.2019) :

Ganesh Chathurthi is one of the most prominent festivals of India. Different Vinayagars were drawn by kids and displayed in class rooms on the eve of Vinayargar Chathurthi. Children visited other class room displays too and enjoyed much.

Balloon balancing

To lead a healthy life, we need a balanced diet. Likewise to lead a healthy academic life, we need a balanced concentration. To insist this balloon balancing was conducted on 30.08.2019

Thirukkural Recitation (03.09.2019)

Thirukkural is considered a masterpiece and one of the most important texts of the Tamil literature. To motivate children to know the moral values of life, Thirukkural recitation was organized.

Navarathri celebrations : A Spiritual drench

Navarathri was celebrated with the whole hearted involvement of all students and teachers. Special kolu was arranged in our school temple, to envoke the blessings of the deities. Children enjoyed with bajan and different prasadams.

Diwali Celebrations (25.10.2019):

It is time to remove the darkness of ignorance within us and replace it with the light of hope and knowledge instead. The festival of lights is celebrated in our premises. Speech about the importance of festival and advices were given to celebrate Go green Diwali. Different AV was shown about fire safety too.

Singing Competition

It was a golden chance for all the music lovers who liked to participate is singing competition, which was held on 25.10.2019 Many super singers were identified.

Vocabulary test

Practicing, vocabulary masters LSRW skills of the kids. Every month vocabulary test is conducted in each class. Vocabulary plays an important part in learning. Vocabulary helps students express themselves more precisely and sharpens communication skills. Hence the vocabulary test is conducted to check their skills and language. Steps are taken to improve their vocabulary.

Subject Enrichment Activities

Every subject has its an intrinsic pedagogy that must be employed by teachers to help students acquire the relevant knowledge with the appropriate subject enrichment activities. Students are encouraged to think more about the concepts.


The power of kids is all about being active and a big part of being active can be inculcated by sports, games and activities. Various sports activities is being regularly conducted in the campus.

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